Mindfulness is an essential skill personal and professional skill. My Beginning Mindfulness Course is an easy entry into this life-long practice.

Register for Winter Session:

Mondays, January 9 – February 27 | 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Individual Cost: $150


Once registered, you will receive an invitation to join the Guided Resilience coaching platform to guide your participation.

Recommended text:

Mindful Pause: A Self-Care Guide to Resilience and Well-Being by Coach Cami (available on Amazon)

REGISTER EARLY – only 15 spots available in each session to create a manageable learning environment.

Need an easy entry into a mindfulness practice that suites your personal needs?

4 simple steps guide this work: Stop…Breathe…Think…Choose.

This virtual course mobilizes your capacity to protect and promote your resilience and well-being. Are you seeking an improved experience of the way you live, work, and relate to yourself, others, and this complex and challenging world? No doubt, life can disturb inner peace in mind and body. To emerge from personal hardship transformed for the better requires an intentional SHIFT.  In this course you will learn a variety of mindfulness practices that restore body, mind, and spirit for improved personal and professional performance.

Coach Cami has trained in MBSR, Yoga, Centering Prayer, and a variety of other mindfulness/meditation practices. Her book, Mindful Pause, is recommended, but not required for this exploratory program. She will reference guidance from her book (and other sources) that support the course agenda. Her Mindful Pause approach to well-being and mindfulness is a guide… giving you personal freedom to pursue a holistic practice that is meaningful to you.


8-75 min sessions via Zoom: an interactive style inviting participant engagement. NOT just another webinar experience.

Additional 15 minutes at the end of each hour with Coach Cami for questions and coaching support.

Your personal commitment to attend sessions, grow your personal practice, and engage in self-reflection and group discussion.

The program goes beyond just learning mindfulness. You’ll receive professional group coaching support to help integrate new behaviors successfully into your healthy lifestyle.

This really expanded my practice beyond what seemed ‘rudimentary’ This is not a thing that is easy to learn by just reading from books, as how I’d been trying to learn to do. -Participant, Fall 2022


Session 1        Attention (for the present moment) – introduce Mindful Pause steps

Session 2        Self-Regulation, Automatic patterns & Reactivity

Session 3       Judgment

Session 4        Conflict & Acceptance

Session 5:       Healthy Relationship with Goals

Session 6:       Compassion

Session 7:       Ego / Identity

Session 8:       Integration – Use of Mindful Pause

Over the course of the eight weeks, we will experience a variety of practices:

Sitting meditation

Guided Imagery

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Body Scan

Movement Meditation


Mindful Pause integrates research findings into the training program. It was designed for an audience that values both practice and insight from positive psychology coaching processes including: emotion regulation, positivity science, and self-determination.

By your participation, it is my hope that you…

“Become a master of your moments…not a victim of your day”.  – Coach Cami