I can’t believe a year has past since I celebrated a lifetime goal of mine…writing and publishing a book. On Feb. 4, 2020, I launched, Mindful Pause: A Self-Care Guide to Resilience and Well-being. I had intentions for a year of workshops, group coaching, retreats, and conferences. But less than a month later…the world changed. COVID hit. And all my plans were derailed and retreats and conferences were cancelled. I was also furloughed from my work at Region Hospital from mid April until the end of July. But SHIFT happens…
I soon realized that I had to practice what I preach. I took several mindful pauses myself…regulated the stress and fear of those early days…and started to chart a new course. Like many others, I had to “pivot” my work. And despite the challenges, Mindful Pause has been a great blessing the past year:
  • Mindful Pause hit “Best Seller” on Amazon in 5 different categories!
  • Mindful Pause has connected me with a variety of people for well-being and mindfulness support: coaches, nurses, doctors, security, social workers, teachers, retired, women’s groups, and more.
  • More than 200 copies were purchased by various departments at Regions Hospital to support frontline workers during this difficult time.
  • I’ve enjoyed several virtual Book Discussion/Group Coaching courses to support the integration of the simple remedies into complex lives.


Research shows we feel good by doing good. I try to “do good” by sharing my enthusiasm for the pursuit of well-being through Mindful Pause and my wellness coaching. And it makes me incredibly happy when readers of Mindful Pause and clients I coach in the Mindful Pause process report they they “do good” when they share Mindful Pause strategies with others. Get started on your own journey here.

A recent review that warmed my heart…

I’m buying more copies!! I love this book so much that I am buying copies for friends. This book has it all. There is scientific information and evidence on how a mindfulness practice supports well being. There are anecdotes and stories from both the author’s journey and the experiences of those she coaches. There are tools and exercises to help support the reader on this journey. There is a little something for everyone. And I love the nuggets of wisdom and gems scattered throughout the book. “Self-care is not selfish!” Buy this book as a way to jumpstart your journey toward a better you, you won’t be sorry you did. – Robin P