Available Workshops

Beginning Mindfulness Course – Tuesday afternoons

Tuesdays, Aug.13 - Oct. 1 | 4:00 - 5:15 pm CST

Mindfulness is an essential skill for personal and professional growth and sustainability. My Beginning Mindfulness Course is an easy entry into this life-long practice.

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Tuesday Mid-day Pause

Weekly on Tuesdays

UNPLUG! Tuesdays from 12:30-12:45pm CST These FREE 15 minute midday pauses refresh the body, mind, and spirit. The steps of mindful pause will guide our practice: STOP | BREATHE | THINK | […]

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Mindful Pause Challenge


Push the pause button! For less than your weekly coffee costs, you can engage in a self-care practice that can transform your life from worn-out to well within! Simply click […]

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1:1 Coaching for Positive Change


  Coaching  +  Skill Development  =  Empowerment Disruption to the ways we live, work, and relate are causing stress like never before. Prioritizing your self-care with Coach Cami is a […]

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Mindfulness and HeartMath: Grow Resilience and Inner Peace this Spring

Saturday, April 27

Spring is the season for new growth! Enjoy an engaging workshop with Coach Cami to introduce you to her Mindful Pause steps, laying the foundation for a budding mindfulness practice. […]

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Thursday Morning Pause


These FREE 15 minute morning pauses set a grounded intention for your day in body, mind, and spirit. The steps of mindful pause will guide our practice: STOP | BREATHE […]

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Find balance and grow your resilience.

Participate in engaging and inspiring workshops addressing daily stressors and explore relevant evidence-based strategies and mind-body skills to support well-being at times of change and adversity. Sessions are led either live or virtually.
Basic Options
  • Lecture: lectures are led by Coach Cami who is a master coach, skilled trainer, compassionate listener, and an inspiring speaker.
  • Workshop: workshops are a mix of lecture and skill practice requiring space to move and engage with a group.
  • Retreat: retreats involve lecture, personal reflection, group dialogue and coaching through varied and extended practice including a connection with the natural world for additional support.

Helping people take better care of their health and well-being is among society’s most pressing priorities. U.S. healthcare costs associated with lifestyle-related chronic diseases are estimated to be 75% of total costs. Also fewer than 5% of adults engage in the top health behaviors. And only 20% of adults are thriving.

Guided Resilience workshops are inspiring, motivating and utilize evidence-based methodology to ensure results. The team-building skills and practices are easy to take-away and implement on your own for lasting impact at work and at home.


“If you don’t really know where to go, what to do, or how to start, Coach Cami can help you do all of that. She can assess where your staff is and where to go.”

– Denise Herrmann, Manager St. Paul Pediatric Clinics

“As a busy professional, an area where I steadily seek education is how to sustain my energy, drive, and all-around good health. I am delighted to have encountered the book, Mindful Pause, and Guided Resilience strategies of Coach Cami Smalley. Her wisdom is grounded and practical. She weaves real-life stories into advice, making it easy to comprehend and implement. I feel as though I have joined a positive new club by acquiring this education. For this, I am truly grateful!”

– Lori Crever, Author, Protege Power diversity, equity, & inclusion consultant

“What I liked is that Cami is a teacher and also a coach. In her area of expertise it’s important to practice the skills, not just talk about them. In our session together she was able to quickly create the kind of atmosphere where the group started sharing ideas and supporting each other, which is the essence of resiliency work.  After working largely virtually for so long, my team benefited greatly from Cami’s energy, in-person interaction, and connection. Cami lives and breathes her practice and this lends it authenticity and legitimacy. I’m already planning the next one!”

– Russ Turner, Director, People Incorporated Training Institute


From Here to There: A Path to Post-traumatic Growth

Post-Traumatic Growth is positive change experienced as a result of the struggle with a major life crisis or a traumatic event. The idea that human beings can be changed by their encounters with life challenges, sometimes in radically positive ways, is not new. The theme is present in ancient spiritual and religious traditions, literature, philosophy, and is now empirically supported through science. Guided Resilience helps you mobilize your innate capacity for self-regulation, healing, and personal transformation through crisis and change by restoring balance in spirit, mind, and body. When harmonized, these three centers of awareness bring a sense of ease and contentment.

Are you experiencing a significant life transition that has you feeling out of balance? not yourself? unsure about your future?

As uncomfortable as life may feel here…in the present moment… there is reason to be hopeful.  Imagining a “there” with just the right inspiration and hope that you need can restore balance to our living. No doubt, stress is rampant, and we are experiencing stress in ways like never before. Our resilience training will help you withstand the pain from the daily stress and provide self-care skills and mind-body strategies that will help restore your inner balance. With self-awareness and intention, we can be present to adversity, adapt to change, cope with uncertainty, and ultimately thrive.

Learn from professional wellness coach, Cami Smalley and use her Guided Resilience evidence-based strategies to gain new skills, evolve your resiliency and ability to sustain well-being during moments of crisis.

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Guided Resilience – Beginning Mindfulness Course

Does The Current State Of Life Leave You Feeling?

  • Overwhelmed
  • Distracted
  • Anxious
  • Body aches/pains
  • Disappointed with relationships, nutrition, or movement goals
  • Exhausted

Offered at a variety of times throughout the year, this 8-week program invites you to draw from the Mindful Pause approach to well-being to establish a personally meaningful mindfulness practice that promotes inner peace and stability.

4 simple steps guide this work: Stop…Breathe…Think…Choose.

These fundamental pathways introduce mindfulness concepts and virtue-based alignment that alleviates suffering and ignites positivity…equipping you with skills and strategies to become a master of your moments…not a victim of your day.

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Mindful Pause – Book Discussion/Group Coaching Course

This 4-week program invites you to engage in the Guided Resilience approach to well-being as described in Cami’s Amazon best-selling book, “Mindful Pause: A Self-Care Guide to Resilience and Well-Being”.  4-60 minute sessions via Zoom engage participants in dynamic and engaging interactions that inspire and support the design and practice of their best life vision.

Come prepared each week to discuss a section of the book:

Session 1                Introduction and Section 1: Stop (Chapters 1-4, pgs. 1-64)

Session 2               Section 2: Breathe (Chapters 5-8, pgs. 65-126)

Session 3               Section 3: Think (Chapters 9-10, pgs. 127-154)

Session 4               Section 4: Choose (Chapters 11-12, pgs. 155-172)

You will leave with several Rock Solid Self-Care tips to activate your well-being and build your resilience!

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Stressed nurse

Spring Renewal Retreat – for nurses, PAs and NPs

Sunday, May 15, 10am – 3pm

Care Teams need self-care and resilience now more than ever! Long hours, emotional drain, mental fatigue, and moral distress can lead to empathy-based strain and burn out. Take time for respite from your taxing work…and retreat to the woods and the water along the shore of Lake Superior in Bayfield, WI and focus on you. Join professional wellness coach and Amazon best-selling author of Mindful Pause: A Self-Care Guide to Resilience and Well-Being, Cami Smalley, to explore her Mindful Pause process for resilience and well-being.

“Become a master of your moments…not a victim of your day.” – Coach Cami 

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What is Guided Resilience?

Understand Our Process

Gain insights from Coach Cami Smalley – a professional wellness coach. Learn more about the methodology, philosophy, and process behind Guided Resilience and how it works.

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Coach Cami Smalley

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Why your business should work with Coach Cami.

Cami is a Master Coach, author, speaker, and expert facilitator of Mindful Pause living to support behavior change that generates sustainable healthy lifestyles, resilience, and well-being. She is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) with a Professional Coach certification (Wellcoaches). She is a certified HeartMath® Trainer and provides heart-rhythm biofeedback to support skill development.

Our programs and pricing are completely customizable – from hourly to half day, full day, or multiple day sessions. Based on intake conversations, we work with clients to determine their specific needs. Contact us today and let’s discuss your goals!

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