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Participate in engaging and inspiring workshops addressing relevant topics to support positive lifestyle change in a group setting.
What to Expect

Guided Resilience offers a variety of settings and presentation styles to motivate participants and equip them with ready to implement tools and techniques for positive behavior change, resilience, and self-care for optimal health and well-being. See how 
we work.

Basic Options
  • Lecture: lectures are led by Coach Cami who is a master coach, skilled trainer, compassionate listener, and an inspiring speaker.
  • Workshop: workshops are a mix of lecture and skill practice requiring space to move and engage with a group.
  • Retreat: retreats involve lecture, personal reflection, group dialogue and coaching through varied and extended practice including a connection with the natural world for additional support.

Helping people take better care of their health and well-being is among society’s most pressing priorities. U.S. healthcare costs associated with lifestyle-related chronic diseases are estimated to be 75% of total costs. Also fewer than 5% of adults engage in the top health behaviors and only 20% of adults are thriving.

Guided Resilience workshops are inspiring, motivating and utilize evidence-based methodology to ensure results. The team-building skills and practices are easy to take-away and implement on your own for lasting impact at work and at home.

“If you don’t really know where to go, what to do, or how to start, Coach Cami can help you do all of that. She can assess where your staff is and where to go.”

– Denise Herrmann, Manager St. Paul Pediatric Clinics

Featured Workshops

What type of workshop are you looking for?

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Rock Solid Resilience: Self-care is a Personal & Professional Responsibility

This foundational class explores your holistic well-being and personal response to stress and describes the necessity of good self-care and self-regulation in managing your energy, mood, and performance. Self-care is NEVER a selfish act.

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Miracle Grow: Strengths and Positive Emotions as Nutrients to Support Resilience and Thrive.

This session shares evidence and practices from positive psychology and wellness coaching that support behavior change, optimal health, and well-being.

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Mindfulness is one of the most important components of any personal wellness plan. It has the unique capacity to regulate physical tension, mental distraction, and mood disturbances. This engaging presentation explores the essence of  mindfulness, explains benefits, and uses the Mindful Pause tool to explore a variety of methods to meet personal interests or needs.

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Shift Happens

Emotions are often overlooked in the behavior change process. Simple goal-setting can only take you so far. Emotions are energy, and they can either support or derail the process of change. This session explores practical and easy to implement skills that support your personal growth and professional performance, satisfaction, and sustainability. In this session, we will explore how to SHIFT gears in our mood, mind states, and 
energy level.

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Restorative Rhythm of Holistic Well-being

This session begins from the premise that all of nature requires a rhythm of rest. Necessary elements of a healthy life rhythm of rest are sleep, play, self-reflection, and connection with nature to integrate, inspire, and motivate alignment with your personal vision, values, and purpose.

Additional Topics:
  • Thriving Through Change
  • Resilience in Healthcare: The Quadruple Aim
  • Strengths Workshop
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Cami is a Master Coach, author, speaker, and expert facilitator of Mindful Pause living to support behavior change that generates sustainable healthy lifestyles, resilience, and well-being. She is Board-Certified by BME (Board of Medical Examiners) with a Professional Coach certification (Wellcoaches). She is a certified HeartMath® Trainer and provides heart-rhythm biofeedback to support skill development.

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