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Gain Guidance and Remain Resilient

Coaching and self-care guidance for individuals, groups, retreats and events.

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Individual Coaching

A growth-promoting process grounded in self awareness and self-directed motivation applied through mindfulness, visioning, goal setting, and accountability.

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Paper Origami

Engaging and inspiring workshops addressing relevant resilience and self-care topics to support wellness and positive lifestyle change.

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A practical, in-depth experience promoting skills and knowledge for practicing wellness and resilience.

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Public Speaking

Gain insights from Coach Cami Smalley – a professional Health and Wellness Coach specializing in holistic wellness, resilience skills, positive psychology coaching, personal growth, and stress management. From presentations to practice, workshops, and custom designed sessions prepared to meet the specific needs, objectives and goals of your team, this is a great opportunity to hear from an expert practitioner and inspire positive change.

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What is Guided Resilience?

Understand Our Process

Gain insights from Coach Cami Smalley – a professional Learn more about the methodology, philosophy, and process behind Guided Resilience and how it works.

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Coach Cami Smalley

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Our programs and pricing are designed to fit the needs of each individual or group. Rates vary from hourly to half day, full day, or multiple day sessions. Based on comprehensive intake conversations, we work with clients to determine their specific needs in order to provide a competitive pricing package.

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