Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation is Prayer of
Heart & Body

Who Should Come

This is a movement class that incorporates basic yoga postures and movement patterns that are easily adaptable to most individuals.

What We Do

Stop…Breathe…Think…and Choose…to move and pray.

The aim is to stretch and strengthen body & mind, free the mind & body from anxiety and stress; cultivate inner peace; and inspire ourselves to be light to the world.

About the Instructor

Cami Smalley

Cami Smalley is a 200 hour YogaFit certified teacher, a professional wellness coach, and a mind-body skills practitioner and member of the Guardian Angels faith community. Cami hopes to bridge spirituality and science by her movement practices that fuse yoga, qi gong, and simple strength and flexibility flows inspired with words from sacred texts (predominantly Christian – but not exclusive) and other wisdom and science sources.

You should bring:

  • yoga mat
  • strap (optional)
  • blocks and/or pillows- very helpful to support some poses
  • chair – (optional)
  • folded blanket – for support in some postures
  • meditation stool or cushion (optional)

Coach Cami is formed in the Catholic tradition but has an appreciation for wisdom from other world religions, thought leaders, philosophers, scientists, and the natural world. All are welcome in this practice, and Cami hopes to engage a diverse group that is willing to hear the many expressions of our greatest call…to love one another and ourself. Self-care is never selfish – it is a personal and professional responsibility so that we can sustain the many ways that we give of ourselves in service to others.

This hour session will enhance your mindfulness, spirituality, and purpose by breath work, intention setting, gentle movement, and inspiration from varied wisdom sources.

By moving, breathing, and being in the body with present moment awareness, we can grow physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. What we embody in our practice is intended to be carried out in the ways we live, move, and have our being in the world.

This program is offered as a ministry by Guardian Angels Parish in Oakdale, MN. If you would like to make a free will offering for your participation, please visit:


Thursday Mornings: 9 – 10am
In your domestic church…the temple of your body.


Link to Zoom Session
Meeting ID: 504 334 871

Movement & Meditation as Christian Spiritual Practice

Movement, meditation, and prayer are inextricably linked. It is prayer when 2 or 3 of us gather in God’s name. Flowing in and out of postures helps embody our learning and challenges us to meet moments with inner stability and peace. Wisdom from the bible and other sources inspire each practice as we hope to embody wisdom to inform and guide our lives. Practice concludes with Centering Prayer to remain in stillness and allow, “Thy will be done.”

Acts 17: 28 For in God, we live and move and have our being.