Celebrating a Year with Mindful Pause

I can’t believe a year has past since I celebrated a lifetime goal of mine…writing and publishing a book. On Feb. 4, 2020, I launched, Mindful Pause: A Self-Care Guide to Resilience and Well-being. I had intentions for a year of workshops, group coaching, retreats, and conferences. But less than a month later…the world changed. […]

Positive Disengagement

Positive Disengagement

Together let’s practice a Mindful Pause. Stop. Breathe. Think. Choose.  We stop, and set this time aside for a moment of self-care content. Let’s take just a couple of cleansing breaths to anchor us into the present moment. Breathing in present moment awareness…breathing out distractions in body, mind, and spirit. And let’s think… Today we’ll […]

Choose to Move with P.A.C.E.

For many, exercise is a preferred self-care practice. While movement is a great option, it may be helpful to consider how to “P.A.C.E.” your approach to using movement for self-care. P – Pause A Mindful Pause to stop, breathe, think and choose can help you determine the best option for movement as self-care. Stop for […]

New Year Reflection

This year has been particularly challenging. But reflecting on times of adversity can lead to powerful personal growth. Posttraumatic Growth has been defined as positive psychological change experienced as a result of a struggle with highly challenging life circumstances. 2020 qualifies! Follow the link below for a guide for self-reflection as we move from one […]

Take A Knee

Some time ago, my morning devotional used lyrics from an African-American Spiritual that really struck me. I used it as my anchor for meditation for some time…and I returned to it again recently in light of recent events. When I fall on my knees and face the rising sun, Lord have mercy on me. Though […]

My Monarch Moment

My Monarch Moment

On a fall morning following one of my Guided Resilience wellness retreats, a monarch butterfly landed on my arm and rested with me for several minutes.