The word “TOGETHER” is on my mind and in my heart at the start of 2022. It has become my anchor word in meditation. I carry it on my mind as I work, socialize, dream, and pray. I think this word came to me because so much of the world is feeling torn apart. I’ve never before felt so threatened by the destructive forces of humanity or the natural world. So much seems upset, torn, scattered, or destroyed. How often do we hear, “pull yourself together”?  What are we “pulling together”? We pull together a life that experiences change, loss, insecurity, grief, beauty, wonder, and renewal by prioritizing holistic.

“TOGETHER”: collectively, unitedly, simultaneously, in contact with each other, assemble in one place, in each other’s company, same time, with cooperation and interchange, with a common plan, and mentally and emotionally stable.

“Together” is meaningful to me because of my recent move to Bayfield, WI as part of a common plan for a new beginning with my husband Steve. Navigating life with a partner gives depth to the meaning of together. We are re-imagining our life in a small, north woods town with no stop lights…together.

What are you bringing together in a common plan with a partner, a team, or an intention this year?

In cooperation and interchange, is experienced in my closeness to nature. The sky, infinite sky, greets me every morning over the majestic Lake Superior. At same time, water and sky show me power, inspiration, moodiness and beauty. Assembled in one place, within the temple of the woods, I feel the shared notion of rootedness, protection, passage of time, seasons, death and rebirth. Unitedly, struggling with all species for survival. Adapting to change. Seeking new ways to thrive. Butterflies, salmon, warblers and wolves. We are together.

Where or how do you cooperate or interact the natural world?

Considering “contact with each other“, I ponder the relationship with those who I love deeply but who are no longer physically close. This past year severed the sense of physical togetherness in the death of my mother-in-law, our dear friend, Capt. Dave, and my brother, Matthew. Additionally, I have endured the loss of both parents, a beloved Aunt, grand-parents, and other loved ones that intensify my desire to know a togetherness beyond our physical ways of knowing. The unseen, but definitely felt sense of something, even in absence, invites me to deepen a connection with Spirit as path to togetherness. I feel in contact with my mother and mother-in-law preparing shared recipes in the kitchen. I hear Capt. Dave’s stories echo in my mind out on the water.

Where do you sense contact with loved ones who have passed?

We pull it together to remain mentally and emotionally stable. We pull it together by prioritizing our holistic health, by actively seeking vitality and a life rich with meaning and inner peace. This whole Self (with a capital S) is experienced in body, mind, and spirit. I am a seeker of this whole Self integration. I pull myself together with strategies to support integration of body, mind, and spirit. Deeply knowing Self in an effort to bring whole Self together in a way that satisfies, restores, and builds the energy of together at every level of our being.

Want to join me on the path of cooperation and interchange to pull yourself together?