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Compassionate Heart Meditation
When life becomes difficult, self-compassion is an essential skill. Settle in for this comforting meditation.
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Balancing on Log
Wellness Coaching Package
  Coaching  +  Skill Development  =  Empowerment Disruption to the ways we live, work, and relate are causing stress like
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Think Outside. No Box Needed.
Take a Mindful Pause and Choose to find creative ways to benefit from closeness to Nature.  
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Forest Area
Blessing for the Earth
    Pause to connect deeply to the Earth with this blessing that reminds us that our holistic health is
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Mindful Pause book by Cami Smalley
Introduction to Mindful Pause Meditation
Stop. Breathe. Think. Choose. Enjoy this guided practice to learn the steps of the Mindful Pause.
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Celebrating a Year with Mindful Pause
I can’t believe a year has past since I celebrated a lifetime goal of mine…writing and publishing a book. On
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Stressed manager asking for help
Positive Disengagement
Together let’s practice a Mindful Pause. Stop. Breathe. Think. Choose.  We stop, and set this time aside for a moment
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Choose to Move with P.A.C.E.
For many, exercise is a preferred self-care practice. While movement is a great option, it may be helpful to consider
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New Year Reflection
This year has been particularly challenging. But reflecting on times of adversity can lead to powerful personal growth. Posttraumatic Growth
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Precious Present Meditation
Savor the gift of the precious present moment…
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Mindful Pause – Book Discussion/Group Coaching
Need professional coaching support, accountability, and an inspiring and engaging group experience to support your resilience during turbulent times? Sundays,
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Body Scan
This mindfulness practice grows greater body awareness and strengthens attention.  
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