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Mindful Pause – Book Discussion/Group Coaching
Need professional coaching support, accountability, and a fun and engaging group experience to support your resilience during turbulent times? Wednesdays,
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Compassionate Heart Meditation
In this pandemic environment, self-compassion is an essential skill. This Mindful Pause guides you to gift each part of your
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Body Scan
This mindfulness practice grows greater body awareness and strengthens attention.  
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Yoga Pose
Guided Resilience – Beginning Mindfulness Course
  This 8-week program invites you to draw from the Guided Resilience approach to well-being to establish a personally meaningful
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Take A Knee
Some time ago, my morning devotional used lyrics from an African-American Spiritual that really struck me. I used it as
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Balancing on Log
Crisis Care Package
  Coaching  +  Skill Development  =  Empowerment Disruption to the ways we live, work, and relate are causing stress like
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Mindful Pause Challenge
  This 4-week program challenges you to draw from my Guided Resilience approach to well-being. Starting at only 5 minutes
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Forest Area
Loving Kindness Meditation
This practice generates the positive affect associated with better health and well-being.
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Peaceful Creek
Mindful Pause Morning Practice
Manage your mood and energy by starting your day with a Mindful Pause to choose inner stillness, stability, and strength.
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Great Lake
Mindful Pause – 5 Minute Meditation
Stop. Breathe. Think. Choose. Enjoy this guided practice to learn the steps of the Mindful Pause.
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Lakeside Bench
Mindful Pause
The Mindful Pause is a multi-purpose tool for self-regulation. Below, I provide three energetically different uses of the Mindful Pause.
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Monarch Butterfly
My Monarch Moment
On a fall morning following one of my Guided Resilience wellness retreats, a monarch butterfly landed on my arm and
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