Click on image to begin this brief practice of Mindful Pause.

Mindful Pause – Brief Practice

Becoming a master of your moments—

not a victim of your day. – Coach Cami

As you become familiar with the intentions of each step of the Mindful Pause, you may prefer a brief guide through these powerful steps (click on image above).

In my handout, Tips for integrating the Rescue Pause, I encourage the use of a Mindful Pause as a way of prioritizing self-care. By pausing to tune in to the present moment, you can determine what choice is appropriate to satisfy you current need. Maybe you need to refresh your body by standing up and moving away from your desk. Or a tense encounter with a family member or co-worker has your heart racing. Whatever the situation, if you struggle to move through the practice on your own, I’ve got your back. Simply press “play” by clicking the image above to make shift happen!

Clients have also found it helpful to save the link of this page to their “Favorites” for easy access. Or, you can also save the page to your home screen on your phone. It will save it with an icon making it visible and easy to retrieve for those on-the-go moments that need a pause.

With the complexity of life today, our energy is under constant siege, making self-regulation of our emotions a necessary skill set for performance and sustainability. Brief pauses empower you to realign with your strengths, reignite your purpose and passion, and satisfy your desire to be intentional – not reactionary to life events. Ultimately, conserving the energy you need to show up in life in the ways that bring you contentment, satisfaction and joy.