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Have you ever wondered what wellness coaching is all about? I'm Cami Smalley, and I have a business called Guided
When life becomes difficult, self-compassion is an essential skill. Settle in for this comforting meditation. Life can feel broken...wounded...challenging...and fatiguing
Use this simple practice to ground you in the present moment—breathing and moving to embody your readiness for change. As
The word "TOGETHER" is on my mind and in my heart at the start of 2022. It has become my
Personal Reflection guided by a positivity lens helps create a personal narrative that transforms adversity into powerful personal growth. Posttraumatic
For many, exercise is a preferred self-care practice. While movement is a great option, it may be helpful to consider
One of the things I really love about coaching are the AHA moments that I get to witness. A client
Gratitude is recognized as a very powerful mind/body emotion that can help you shift the energy and/or mood of your
  The Moon and its light gently reminds us that we are never separated from the Light of the World...even
Need professional coaching support, accountability, and an inspiring and engaging group experience to support your resilience during turbulent times? Watch
This mindfulness practice grows greater body awareness and strengthens attention.  
Balancing on Log
  Coaching  +  Skill Development  =  Empowerment Disruption to the ways we live, work, and relate are causing stress like

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