Need professional coaching support, accountability, and an inspiring and engaging group experience to support your resilience during turbulent times?

Sundays, January 10 – 31, 4:00-5:15pm (CST)

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This 4-week program engages you in the Guided Resilience approach to well-being as described in Coach Cami’s Amazon best-selling book, Mindful Pause: A Self-Care Guide to Resilience and Well-Being.

In order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired. – Anonymous

We are all growing weary of adapting to change and living with adversity and uncertainty. The politics, pandemic, social unrest, financial insecurity, and upset of routines in how we work, worship, exercise, socialize, and educate all take a toll on our health…physically, mentally, and emotionally. What can you do? Take steps to secure good self-care that mobilize the capacities of H.E.R.O.E.S. in facing adversity and change.

Hope. Efficacy. Resilience. Optimism. Energy management. Strengths.

Learn to tap your H.E.R.O.E.S. capacities! Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism, Energy-management, and Strengths are evidence-based capacities that protect and promote your resilience and well-being. The Mindful Pause approach was designed to inspire and support positive lifestyle changes. Each chapter of Mindful Pause walks you through the steps to target holistic change that has the power to improve vitality and ultimately, satisfaction in the ways you live, work, and relate in the world.

Session Dates:

Sundays, January 10 – 31, 4:00-5:15 pm (CST)

Program Cost: $25 Register Here

  • 4-60 min sessions via Zoom: an interactive style that invites participant interaction.
  • 15 minutes at end of each session with Coach Cami for questions and group coaching support.
  • Your personal commitment to attend sessions, grow your personal practice, and engage in self-reflection and group discussion.
  • You’ll receive professional group coaching support to help integrate new behaviors successfully into your busy lifestyle.


  • 4-weeks of mindfulness/self-care daily inspirations and self-care tips delivered via email (value = $10)
  • Access to professional coaching platform for zoom links, worksheets, handouts, and record-keeping to track your healthy lifestyle commitments.


Each week, Coach Cami introduces a section of the book and works with participants in a group coaching experience to integrate content into their lives…one simple experiment at time:

Come prepared each week to discuss a section of the book:

Session 1     Introduction & Section 1: Stop (Chapters 1 -4, pgs. 1-64)

Session 2   Section 2: Breathe (Chapters 5-8, pgs. 65-126)

Session 3   Section 3: Think (Chapters 9-10, pgs. 127-154)

Session 4:  Section 4: Choose (Chapter 11-12, pgs. 155-172)

Stop…feeling overwhelmed and uninspired.

Breathe…in the vitality that comes with consistent self-care.

Think…in alignment with strengths and passions.

Choose…to start living into your best life today!

Get your copy of Mindful Pause:

Purchase your copy early to be prepared for class.

Mindful Pause: A Self-Care Guided to Resilience and Well-Being by Coach Cami (available on Amazon)

Kindle $2.99 (Reduced price during pandemic). You do not need a kindle reader…only the Kindle app on your device.

Paperback $12.99