Have you ever wondered what wellness coaching is all about? I’m Cami Smalley, and I have a business called Guided Resilience. I want to share with you a little bit about my direction and work as a wellness and resilience coach. Guided Resilience’s philosophy and methodology is grounded, growing and gifted. Are those things that […]

Mindful Pause – Brief Practice

Mindful Pause – Brief Practice Becoming a master of your moments— not a victim of your day. – Coach Cami As you become familiar with the intentions of each step of the Mindful Pause, you may prefer a brief guide through these powerful steps (click on image above). In my handout, Tips for integrating the […]

Movement Meditation-Ready for Change

Use this simple practice to ground you in the present moment—breathing and moving to embody your readiness for change. As you cultivate the equally true presence of “the good stuff”, you can experience the broadened awareness, creativity, and confidence that comes when shift happens. Hold each pose for several breaths or move in the flowing […]


One of the things I really love about coaching are the AHA moments that I get to witness. A client named Ben (I have written about him in my book “Mindful Pause”) and I had a fun conversation… We were talking about how Ben wanted to learn more about meditation and mindfulness practice.  He had […]

Mindful Pause – Book Discussion/Group Coaching

Need professional coaching support, accountability, and an inspiring and engaging group experience to support your resilience during turbulent times? Watch for updates for next session… Click off the news and click to connect to a source for motivation and inspiration to pursue health & well-being! This 4-week program engages you in the Guided Resilience approach […]

Wellness Coaching Package

  Coaching  +  Skill Development  =  Empowerment Disruption to the ways we live, work, and relate are causing stress like never before. Prioritizing your self-care with Coach Cami is a collaborative effort to bring clarity to each step toward your resilient and meaningful life. Simple strategies can restore you…so that you can bring your best […]

Mindful Pause Challenge

Push the pause button! For less than your weekly coffee costs, you can engage in a self-care practice that can transform your life from worn-out to well within! Now really…click on the pause button to purchase your pass to sanity with mindful self-care. This 4-week program challenges you to draw from my Guided Resilience approach […]