Use this simple practice to ground you in the present moment—breathing and moving to embody your readiness for change.

As you cultivate the equally true presence of “the good stuff”, you can experience the broadened awareness, creativity, and confidence that comes when shift happens.

Hold each pose for several breaths or move in the flowing postures with the breath through several breath cycles.

Click here for a video of this movement meditation. Find a downloadable handout on the resources page of my website.

Begin this meditation in mountain pose.

Stand with weight balanced at your feet…connected to the floor/earth.
Begin to focus on your breath. Mindfully connect to earth at your feet and move your attention upward through your body, releasing tension or resistance with each exhale until you reach your crown. Pause here as you balance your body and breath and enjoy the sensation of stability and peace.

Affirmation: Though life may be challenging, I feel grounded, resilient, and inspired.

Move into chest expansion

Let each exhale carry away: fear, pain, fatigue, anxiety, and resistance to change…emptying yourself to make space for the equally true. Continue to breathe and move energy into your heart center where you inhale: love, appreciation, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, patience, and hope.

Affirmation: I empty myself of all that blocks me from moving forward toward what I know will give me vitality. I am inspired and open to new and exciting opportunities in my life.

Assume Warrior 1 pose
Assuming a warrior stance, you breathe in and integrate the qualities of warrior…
Defend your values, guard your positive emotions, and train your disciplined mind to seek clarity, live by virtue, work for your mission.

Affirmation: I stand firm in my practices of self-care in defense and service of my well-being

Flow between Cow and Cat – (Inhale in Cow/Exhale in Cat)
This can be done on the floor, sitting in a chair, or standing with hands on your legs above your knees.

As you breathe and move between these two postures, direct your mind to gratitude for the magnificent flexibility in your spine. Connect this flowing posture to your desire to be flexible as you face change in your life and work.

Affirmation: I celebrate the flexibility of my body and my willingness to adapt to life and its challenges.

Flowing Motion in Sun Breath
Inhale as you lift arms above your head. Exhale as you lower arms to your sides.

As you breath and move in Sun Breath, focus your mind on your intention to greet each new day with hope.

From the rising of the sun to its setting, I will keep my heart and mind focused on the flow of positivity in my life and allow this energy to move me to right action for the right time.

Finish in Mountain Pose with hands in prayer pose at heart center
In stillness, seal in the intentions of this moving meditation at your heart. Throughout your day, as you notice being pulled out of alignment, take a Mindful Pause: stop, breathe, think and choose to re-align with these inner qualities.

Affirmation: May this new day bless me with opportunities to strengthen my intentions so that I might greet change with optimism, hope, and confidence.