Personal Reflection guided by a positivity lens helps create a personal narrative that transforms adversity into powerful personal growth.

Posttraumatic Growth has been defined as positive psychological change experienced as a result of a struggle with highly challenging life circumstances. 2022 continued to be year of disruption and challenge. Follow the link below for a guide for self-reflection as we move from one year to the next. Personal reflection is identified as key to transforming trauma into growth.  Posttraumatic Growth includes 5 domains: development of deeper relationships, openness to new possibilities, greater sense of personal strength, stronger sense of spirituality, and greater appreciation of life. Using a reflection of personal virtues as your target, you can be sure that the silver linings of this year will become evident. And by growing the upspiral of positivity with this guide, you can expect to be inspired to recognize the graces revealed to you…and how you are being called to bring light into the world in 2022.

New Year Reflection 

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