Have you ever wondered what wellness coaching is all about? I’m Cami Smalley, and I have a business called Guided Resilience. I want to share with you a little bit about my direction and work as a wellness and resilience coach.

Guided Resilience’s philosophy and methodology is grounded, growing and gifted. Are those things that you feel like you could benefit from having in your life?  Would you like to feel more grounded? We can lose our footing when life becomes overwhelming, we experience loss, or find ourselves in the midst of a transition in work or relationships. Would you like to be engaged in coaching that inspires personal growth? To feel revitalized in your life and not feel stuck? Coaching gifts you with this and more. Many of my clients come at a time when they feel stuck in life — not knowing where to go next.  All of them, in varying degrees, benefit from saying yes to pursuing coaching to empower a grounded, growing, and gifted life.

Grounded, Growing and Gifted.  

Grounded reflects our commitment to putting you in the driver’s seat. Wellness coaching is led by your interests, motivations, and goals . It’s also grounded in evidence-based practices. This is very important.

I know for you health care workers out there and most working professionals —You are designed to be attached to evidence-based work. It’s here — grounded in evidence-based coaching and mind body skills. This philosophy is grounded in a holistic lens of your well-being which means that we explore growth and appreciate the interrelatedness of all aspects of your life. Here is the wellness wheel clients use to keep a big picture view in approaching personal growth:

Coaching is also about growing. What are you growing? You’re growing in self-awareness that is essential to learning strategies about how to live, move, and experience more vitality in your life and work. You are also growing a positive mindset.

I’m a strengths-based coach, so I want to help you learn more about what makes you tick, what makes you happy, and when you feel in best alignment with life and work.  Together, we craft a vision of your life that reignites your interest, energy, and confidence to live into a life by your design.

The commitments to being grounded and growing naturally guide you to feeling gifted with confidence, skills, and resources to live a deeply meaningful and sustainable life. I’ve supported nurses searching for self-regulation practices to help them endure these challenging times. I’ve provided tools for business professionals seeking better work-life balance. Many clients who have found themselves at a turning point in their career or facing a health challenge, divorce, or simply overwhelmed by life have found helpful tools and hope with Guided Resilience coaching.

It’s really easy for us to connect.  Follow the link below and you have the opportunity to sign up for a free consultation session. Let’s chat about what’s going on in your life and if wellness coaching and  resilience skill development might work for you.