Put Self-Care at the top of your list this season!

The busy-ness of our lives gets especially overwhelming at the holidays. Want to learn to boost your resilience to the disruptions that come with life, work, and relationships? Or build your toolbox with practices to avoid the agitation of political unrest? Or the annoyance of a growing to-do list? Or the anxiety of financial insecurity? Combined, these challenges may interrupt appreciation of gifts of the season that are always present. To guard and sustain your inner peace, gift yourself first with Mindful Pause skills for resilience and well-being:

STOP…Breathe…Think…and Choose to gift yourself with opening up to the always present and equally true gifts of gratitude, joy, love, and playfulness.

Over the course of 4-weeks, these self-care and mindfulness practices are designed to help you recognize and savor the “equally true” in all our moments. Even in the presence of challenge, frustration, and upset, we can savor gratitude, joy, love, and playfulness to preserve our well-being. No doubt, life has its challenges… enduring a long/dark winter, the commitments of the holidays, and other challenging life events. And we may grow weary. But savoring the equally true helps preserve energy and mood…guiding us…

Become a master of your moments. Not a victim of your day. – Coach Cami

With this mastery, we become the gift when we reflect these emotions back into the world through our work, relationships, and charitable giving.

How do I get started?

  • Use this guide to practice a pause and track your practices each week.
  •  Create your own symbol, a small bow, a candle, or calendar reminder to remind you of this practice.
  • “Be the gift” by doing/being good for others in a way that is meaningful to you. Pay attention to notices in huddles or from your community to engage in giving opportunities.

Savor the precious present: The gifts of gratitude, joy, love and playfulness!

Practice a mindfulness activity and cultivate positivity for at least 20 minutes daily. This can be done all at one time…or spread out over the course of a day…5 minutes in morning, 5 at noon…5 at end of work day…5 before bed – or any combination to accumulate 20 minutes of resilience and peace that protects and restores. Each week will have suggested practices.

Stop…Breathe…Think…and Choose to engage with the Precious Present 4-week Mindfulness Practice! Download your guide Precious Present Practice 2023.