Purple Pause Icon Push the pause button! For less than your weekly coffee costs, you can engage in a self-care practice that can transform your life from worn-out to well within! Simply click on the pause button to purchase (only $10) access to my guided self-care commitment.

This 4-week program challenges you to draw from my Guided Resilience approach to well-being.

Starting at only 5 minutes each day in the first week…growing to 20 minutes a day by the end of the challenge, you will integrate self-care strategies that lead to feeling grounded, growing, and gifted. New behaviors need repetition, support, and motivation. You will find that here.

Mindful Pause Challenge Overview:

Week 1: STOP to prioritize self-care
Week 2: Breathe your way to self-regulation
Week 3: Think with a restorative mindset
Week 4: Choose to live a life by your design

You can expect:

  • To feel grounded with evidence-based self-care practices
  • Support in growing in self-awareness and a positive mind
  • To feel gifted with a growing commitment to self-care practices each day

I will offer you creative ways to accumulate your 20 minutes throughout a day giving you an opportunity to plug into this life-giving practice moments at a time.

More and more becoming a master of your moments…not a victim of your day. -Coach Cami

is built into the program. You can record the completion of all your target actions as you go. Small wins grow into big success! You will be able to see your progress as you grow each week.

$10.00 (A good perk-me-up for less than your weekly coffee budget!)


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Your wellness journey can feel like an adventure…not another task. Many scenic hikes are guided by cairns – a stack of rocks that keep you oriented, guide you to scenic overlooks, and safely return you home.

Each day, you will receive an email with a self-care cairn that shares a nugget of wisdom or inspiration and a take-away message to guide your Mindful Pause living.


If you’re ready to get started right now, click this link.