Sunday, April 21, 8:30am – 2pm



Woman Self Love

Gather your medicine; whatever form that takes. Do what you love and revive your spirit. – Twyla Baker

Time: 8:30am – 2:00pm


Glen Park Pavilion, 630 Glen Park Rd, River Falls, WI. Light lunch provided.

Who should attend?

Those in need of healing in body, mind, or spirit are welcome to join Coach Cami and a team of healers for this Wisdom Circle. Disruption to our well-being may be the result of a health crisis or changes in employment, relationships, or home life. Reserve this day to prioritize your self-care with evidence-based practices and spiritually inspired supports to resource resilience and well-being through tender times. Spring is the perfect season to remember your wholeness as part of Creation and explore healing strategies to support new growth, transformation, and renewal. Care-givers also welcome to attend.

Coach Cami is a professional coach, Center Prayer practitioner, HeartMath trainer, mind-body skills practitioner, mindfulness instructor, and yoga teacher.

Learn more about Coach Cami here.

We’re saving a spot for you in our Wisdom Circle to instill hope and confidence as holistic vitality is restored. You will leave with skills to mobilize spiritual resources to support your health and well-being. A team of practitioners is beginning to gather to support this retreat:

  • Energy Healers: Healing Touch, Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Prayer
  • and you! Our wisdom circle honors the story of your life, beliefs, and practices.

Joining me:

Gail Antonson, RN, MDiv, CHTP, CCA is a Nurse, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and a Certified
Clinical Aromatherapist. She has worked as an Operating Room Nurse, a Parish Nurse, an Integrative
Services RN, and as a Chaplain. Today she finds great joy in inspiring others to remember their inner
wisdom, to cultivate hope, and to connect with accessible practices that support healing and well-being.

YOU – in your wholeness – are some of the best medicine you will ever need. – Cami

Four simple steps guide a resilient life path: 

Do you desire to accept life challenges with grace and ease?


  1. Explore the connection between spirituality and healing through reflective exercises and discussions aimed at deepening participants understanding of how spiritual practices can contribute to overall well-being.
  2. Engage in a variety of practices tailored to promote inner peace and emotional healing, providing participants with practical tools to cultivate resilience, manage stress, and remember their wholeness.
  3. Foster a supportive and healing environment, near to nature, where participants feel safe to share their experiences and insights, encouraging  meaningful connections and collective exploration of spirituality’s role in personal healing and growth.
No Dogma. Simply Discovery.


Body Practices: Cami’s yoga flows guide a movement meditation practice that stretches the body, mind, and spirit. Beginners welcome. No mat needed. Standing and chair postures only. Other movement activities may include walking meditation outdoors. Dress for the weather.

Energy Healing; We will explore a variety of energy medicine practices to reset your energy field and rraise your vibration and gain peace, clarity and guidance.

Mindfulness Meditation: new to meditation? no worries! The Mindful Pause steps to stop, breathe, think, and choose are an easy entry to this lifelong practice.  You will learn easy to implement (less than 5 minutes) mind-body skills to incorporate into your life and work.

Self-reflection: is essential to integrating challenges and seeing growth . Bring a journal to capture reflections.

Coaching: You are also invited to explore the FREE  VIA Survey of Character Strengths  ahead of the retreat.  As a positive psychology coach, Coach Cami guides a process to reflect on your past and vision your future from a strengths lens. Strengths-based tools can be added to your self-care toolbox for on-going skill development and growth.

Integrative Art Experience – Enjoy an art experience that will guide us into a deeper journey of holistic healing and transformation.  No artistic ability is needed as the activity is designed to see the world and our experiences with fresh eyes.


Those who seek relief from the physical illness, disruption of change, burnout, or significant life transitions. Care-givers are also invited to attend.

Anyone who desires to live a more resilient and authentic life aligned with strengths, values and creativity.

Please Bring:

  • Comfortable and layered clothing suitable for movement practices and outdoor activity
  • Open Mind


Mindful Pause book by Cami Smalley

Testimonial from a participant:

I had the wonderful gift to encounter Cami at Wild Rice Retreat June 2023.  My girlfriends and I were enjoying a long weekend together when we attended one of Cami’s classes.  As an inpatient acute care surgical healthcare provider and graduate student of Theology, I tend to approach workshops with skepticism, expecting a superficial approach to a broad topic.  Cami blew us out of the water.  Coming from different professional and personal backgrounds, all three of us were drawn in and engaged in Cami’s easygoing approach to a meaningful and well-researched strategy to assist individuals on the journey of reflection, assessment, and mindfulness to create helpful and sustainable action plans to facilitate growth in the wake of big change.  We only had about an hour and would have loved a week!  After personally experiencing the multifaceted despair the pandemic exposed in critical care medicine and delving into research on Moral Injury in the healthcare worker accelerated by the conditions of the pandemic for graduate studies, Cami offered an enlightening personal experience that created space to withdraw gently and gaze in the direction of opportunity to grow as a whole human without the stresses of how to manage all the minute details.  We continued our conversations after our sessions which helped a group of friends who have known each other for decades grow closer.  We identified fears and stresses in our own lives as middle-aged working women that we can prepare for gently and compassionately.  I look forward to future opportunity to learn from Cami and her well-informed and compassionately created approach to embracing life and well-being!

Explore this website to learn more about Guided Resilience and the Mindful Pause process.

Let’s journey together toward inner peace and transformation.

Contact Coach Cami with questions, clarifications, or to discuss boarding options, pricing, and to complete your registration.

Upon registration, you will be invited to join the Guided Resilience coaching platform. This is a safe and confidential platform to share retreat materials.