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Our Methodology

Become a master of your moments —not a victim of your day.
– Coach Cami

Four simple steps are at the core of a satisfying and resilient life: Stop, Breathe, Think, and Choose.

Guided Resilience is a self-care and wellness methodology that improves life satisfaction and well-being and transforms stress, challenge or adversity through professional coaching, skilled and experienced teaching, and inspired presentations.

Every engagement with Guided Resilience includes mindful integration of body, mind, and spirit. Your path toward life satisfaction involves an awareness and skilled mastery of pursuing and sustaining growth holistically.

Developed by Cami Smalley – a professional resilience and wellness coach – this holistic process targets lasting change and positive strategies that cultivate a satisfying, sustainable, and meaningful life.

  • Offers a ready-to-go method for applying positive psychology approach to well-being
  • Gives clients foundational skills for self-regulation
  • Creates a clear structure in the vast field of positive psychology
  • Provides hands-on tools to put this method into practice

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Guided Resilience meets the needs of this time:

  • Individuals are guided to deeply reflect on, appreciate, and amplify their inherent gifts, qualities, and purpose. Guided Resilience believes in the inherent wisdom of each person and is committed to the advancement in well-being of all people regardless of culture, race, sexual orientation, or spiritual/religious affiliations.
  • Individual Coaching is conducted remotely by phone or zoom sessions.
  • Groups or Teams can gather live or remotely for workshops or guided mind-body sessions (meditations, guided imagery, gentle yoga)

According to Harvard Business Review (July-August 2020 issue):
“Resilience – for both individuals and organizations – will be an essential attribute as we move through this crisis and into the future.”

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Our Services

Professional wellness coaching, keynote speaking, and resilience skill development

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Individual Coaching

A growth-promoting process grounded in self awareness and self-directed motivation applied through mindfulness, visioning, goal setting, and accountability.

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Paper Origami

Engaging and inspiring workshops addressing relevant resilience and self-care topics to support wellness and positive lifestyle change.

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A practical, in-depth experience promoting skills and knowledge for practicing wellness and resilience.

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“I am the happiest I have ever been and part of that is because of my work with Coach Cami.”

– Sandi Wewerka, Client

Thank you for all your incredible guidance during your resilience course. It has served me well thru the last few months and with managing my grief. The tools you provided I use every day and am so thankful to have crossed paths with you at Wild Rice Retreat.

–  Jean A., Beginning Mindfulness Course participant

The echo of your work with my mom will be with her the rest of her life. I am so grateful for your “yes” to so spending some time with her as she grieves her diminishing sense of independence. She refers to the time with you as her most valuable therapy! (as do I…)

–  Jean G., Movement Meditation Partipant

Helpful resources at your fingertips

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Explore a variety of guided meditations designed to relax, inspire, and train a growth-promoting mindset.

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Movement Meditation is a practice that embodies positive intentions. Drawing from yoga, qigong, and traditional western exercise, the variety of movement sequences restore energy, quiet the mind, and gently improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

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Audio Sessions

Listen to guided meditation audio sessions to calm the mind and relax the body using various techniques.

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